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Here is an article from Fast Company on Best Buy’s ROWE (Results Oriented Work Environment). In a nutshell, Best Buy allows their employees to come into the office whenever necessary and as long as they deliver, no one cares when they work or where. The article goes into a bit more detail on the measured benefits realized at Best Buy.

My thoughts on the subject is…well, good job Best Buy! Finally companies are realizing that the 8 hour work week is a remnant of the industrial revolution and is only relevant for pure operations jobs (like assembly line worker or back office loan adjudicator). Why must a coder ever need to sit at a permanent site? Can’t a project manager manage from anywhere that has WiFi and cellphone reception? Providing flexible work hours allows employees to get on with their lives and work without any distractions on their minds.

Perhaps one day Starbucks will full-on enter into the co-op workspace market. It’s my favourite office at this point.

(via fastcompany)

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    I love this! It’s an article that talks about scientifically proven studies that discovered people are more productive...
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    Here is an article from Fast Company on Best Buy’s ROWE (Results Oriented Work Environment). In a nutshell, Best Buy...
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    Glad there is proof to what I have been saying for the past 10 years…”treat me like an adult and I’ll act like one…”
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    give respect, get respect..
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